I completely understand you passing on the Family Firearm Survival Bundle. Maybe the extra cash was just too much. However, I really think you'll wish you had these firearms survival guides. Because I think they're so important to your survival planning, I've trimmed down the offer and lowered the price by $10. I've removed the three bonus cartridge guides as these are not essential. Here's what you still get:

#1 Ammo Independence: The Guide to Reloading

This fantastic resource guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to handload or reload your own ammunition.

Being able to reload your ammunition will give you the ability to not only save money on high-priced bullets, it'll also give you peace-of-mind that you'll have all the ammo you need in a crisis!

Knowing how to reload will also be one of the most in-demand skills after a major crisis. You'll be able to barter your skills for whatever else your family needs!

#2 How to Build Your Own AR-15 Survival Rifle

Most survival experts agree that the AR-15 rifle is the ULTIMATE survival firearm!

This guide will show you exactly how you can custom-build your own rifle for significantly less than the cost of buying one in the retail marketplace.

Plus you'll learn how to keep your survival rifle completely "off the books". This means the government will have no idea that you even own it. Don't worry: this is completely legal!

#3 How to Hide Your Guns & Ammo

After a crisis breaks, guns will be in high demand. Unfortunately, this means criminals and gangs will be trying to steal them from law-biding gun owners.

There's also a chance that the surviving government will attempt to seize firearms after a crisis (they've done it before!). Learn how to keep your guns hidden so government agents can't get their hands on them.

This outstanding report gives you 21-covert places around your home where you can hide your guns so criminals (and the government!) can't find them.

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Best of luck,

Keith Jacobs

–> No thanks Keith. Sounds amazing, but I'll find my own resources. Thanks though ;)